Sustainable Business

Sustainability strategy   
  • Define and develop clear roadmap to reach your company’s sustainability targets   
  • Recommendations on the organizational structure required to support your sustainability strategy   
  • Recommendations on internal and external sustainability communication
  • Develop strategic programs and partnership proposals

In our time with changing access to natural resources, changing consumer awareness and legislation, many businesses face the need to start the journey to become more resource efficient, reduce waste and emissions that affect the local and global communities. Ascend Frame is here to help you today and prepare you for tomorrow, by bridging the gap between your strategy and operational model.


We will advise you on a sustainability strategy that will give you a prioritized set of actions and programs to make your company more sustainable. It will provide a framework to focus investment and drive performance, as well as engage internal and external stakeholders.

What to consider

  • Peer benchmarking - how do your competitors engage in sustainability? What is industry best practices and key performance indicators?  
  • What are your key performance indicators? What could and should be your sustainability vision and target?  
  • What is the business case and the investments required to accomplish your targets?   
  • How do you ensure a strategy aligns with business objective?